8 Helpful Blog Posts By The Most Influential Travel Experts Today

Having the opportunity to take in new sights, sounds, tastes and cultures is an extremely enriching experience and an important eye-opener to the beauty that graces our worlds today.


Unfortunately, not everyone knows where to start or get the most out of travelling.


As a result, we have put together a list of some of the internets best travel blog posts that will hopefully the inspiration to travel the world.

Not only has Nomadic Matt become one of the most inspiration travel bloggers of our time, his content is ALWAYS super helpful and written with the dedication to inspire or help others. This post is a fanatic eye opener about how travel doesn’t have to be a luxury or a wallet burner.

Jonny, from one-Step-Foward, is a traveller who loved the adventure so much, he dedicated his life to it. Now having made over 1million dollars from blogging, he aims to help you do the same.

Chris is a surf loving traveller who has heaps of experience. The main goal of the site is to inspire you to go check out more of the world yourself and give you the information needed to make it easier – from budgets and kit lists to things to do and places to stay! 

This is an awesome read

We couldn’t have written it better ourselves. Will, Aka The Broke Backpacker, sums up exactly how to fly another for super cheap. 

Ahh thank you Vagabond, you are going to HELP us all out here. As smart as you think you are, there are always scammers smarter than you. Be careful when you are on the road, its easier than you think. Thanks to Matt from Expert Vagabond, you are now a pro.

Yoshke and Vins are budget travel experts who created their blog to provide tips so others won’t have to waste hard-earned money when traveling and make the same mistakes that they did. They have successful monetised their blog and are an inspiration to many.

 This is a great article if you are looking to become a travel blogger yourself.



If you are a solo female traveller, you have to read this!!!  

Kiersten explains how solo female travellers can meet amazing, like minded individuals simply by using the “Bumble app designed with you in mind.

Ahhhh come on, we have to include at least one of our own. Written by the founder of GoKo Travels, George Game discusses why making excuses only stops your from achieving your dreams and reaching your goals. You are only one step away.

I really hope this article has been helpful for everyone reading and inspired you to take that leap to travel or start your own blog or destiny!! 


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